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They won't change your life...

They won't change your life...
I've had a few conversations with friends new and old about this little business over the holidays, and I always found myself feeling a little bit odd. I've never felt comfortable doing the whole 'these shoes are what you've been missing from your life' kind of chat, as it's always felt kind of fake and forced to me.
I myself am not a big shopper - I know how most products are made and the suffering they cause, I know that many industries thrive off of our insecurities, and I know that many of those clothes or objects in those bright shiny stores - although they look very inviting - will not bring me long lasting happiness. So when it comes to talking about Luludu, I stall.
Because honestly, these shoes aren't going to change your life. Yes, they are quite spectacular looking (in my own humble opinion) and I'm hoping you will feel a rush when you open that package for the first time and slip your feet into them, but there's a good chance your life will not change because of them. You'll continue to do your thing, probably go to work, social outings, watch a movie... ya know - life!
But then I realised
The lives of the makers. And I am doing them a disservice by being too humble (in real life - it's easier to sing their praises when I'm typing away!)
Eka, Nonik and Sudiantari are the three women who are relying on these shoes to pay for their next meal. To purchase a proper roof for their home, to send their children to school. These shoes are a bright future for them, and it's time to stop playing small for the sake of these women, and for the many more I hope to be able to support as the business grows.
The shoes - they're great no doubt! But the real beauty lies in the kindness you know you have helped spread to three women who are so thankful for the opportunity of a better life.
  • Alana Deukett

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  • Apr 05, 2018

    omgosh, my girlfriend and I used to have a pair like 20yrs ago and for the past 10years we have spoken of where could we get these from again and should we start up a shoe course just to make us a pair!!!!
    Yes these shoes do change lives, and I have just messaged my girlfriend who lives in another state to check this website out. As for me, I am definitely buying a pair and I know 100% she will be too, Thank you universe for sending me to you!

    — Noko Stewart-Wiki

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